How Do I Setup My Joovv Max On A Door?

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Step 1

Lay all the included hardware and tools you will need on a padded surface. Then, arrange the Joovv Mini and Solo devices into pairs and place them

down on a scratch-free surface, such as carpeting or a blanket.  

Step 2

Locate three connection bars that came with your Quad connection kit and place them on the Solo and Mini devices, as shown in Figure A. Attach 2 connection bars to the Solo devices using 8M 4x6mm Allen screws and hand-tighten using the included Allen wrench. Using one connection bar, repeat this step for the Mini devices.

Please note, when connecting the Minis with the horizontal connection bar, place the bar on the pre-drilled holes located on the bottom of the Minis. The Mini device shown as #1 in Figure A will be the lead device that controls the Joovv Max system.

Caution: Do not use a drill to install the screws as this can strip the threads

Step 3

Locate two power cables and plug them into devices#1 and #3, as shown in Figure B. Next, plug the patch cables that came with your Quad connection kit into the female sockets on devices #1 and #3 and into the male sockets on devices #2 and #4, as-shown in Figure B.

Step 4

Locate the pairing switch on each of the devices.Turn the switch on device #1 to “Lead Mode”. Then,turn the pairing switch on devices #2, #3, and #4 to“Follow Mode”, as shown in Figure C. Turn all power switches to on. Note: if you don’t want to connect your devices via Bluetooth, follow the instructions included with the Hardwired Pairing kit.

Step 5

Screw the threaded posts into the top of all four Joovv devices with the included Allen wrench. Then, select the support cables that match the desired height of your Max and screw them to the threaded posts of the Joovv Mini devices, as shown in Figure D.  Next, remove two snap links from the height-adjusting systems and connect them to the cable supports.

*Please note, in the case of extra tall doors, the pulley system can be used to extend the support cables. For safety reasons, DO NOT use the Pulley System to raise and lower your Joovv Max.

Step 6

Hang the door hooks about 9” apart on any standard size door, as shown in Figure E.

Step 7

With assistance from another person, hold the pair of Joovv Mini devices (#1 and #2) while the other person connects the snap links to the door hooks.

*Caution: Be sure to adequately support the devices while connecting them to the door hooks.

Step 8

To connect the lower pair of Joovv devices, and with assistance from another person, lift devices #3 and #4 up to devices #1 and #2 that are already in place.

Line up the threaded posts with the holes in the end caps of the upper devices. Then, slide the lower threaded posts into the holes and slide back to lock

in place, as shown in Figure G.

Step 9

Plug the two power cords into a wall outlet. The devices will automatically pair.

Step 10

The lead device will show the default treatment time of 10 minutes. To adjust the treatment time, press the “Time” button on the control panel to add time in

one-minute increments up to 20 minutes. The timer will cycle back to 1 minute after the time

exceeds 20 minutes on the display.

Step 11

The default wavelength mode utilizes both red and near infrared wavelengths. After pausing your treatment session, you can change the

mode to use only the red or near infrared LEDs by selecting the “Mode” button on the control panel. The green indicator light will illuminate

indicating which wavelength configuration is selected. Remember that near infrared LEDs emit light that is NOT visible to the naked eye.

Step 12

To start your treatment session, press the “Play/Pause” button once. You can pause your treatment at any time by pressing the “Play/

Pause” button a second time. Resume your treatment by pressing the “Play/Pause” button again.

That’s it—you’re ready to start Joovvin'!* *Note: your Joovv’s cooling fans will run for 5 minutes after the treatment session is complete to cool the LEDs.

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