Do Joovv devices have high EMF levels?

Here at Joovv, one of the core steps in our design and development procedure is to implement verification testing through third-party suppliers.  This assures that overall design controls were met during the development process. 

Part of the testing protocol involves EMC testing on all of our devices, where we evaluate the magnetic field measurements for low frequencies and electric field measurements for high frequencies. Based on the professional opinion of our third-party testing provider, and based on FCC RF exposure standards, there are no significant levels of EM radiation from our products that should be of concern.  Having said that, we do recommend using our devices at the recommended treatment distances.

Here are the third-party testing results in more detail:

How does your Joovv device compare to other household appliances?*

*Measurements were conducted at 6" from the front of each Joovv device. All appliances were measured from an independent outside source.

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