What does it mean to prequalify with Affirm?

When you prequalify, you get an estimate of how much you can borrow. You’re not on the hook to pay back your prequalified amount until you actually borrow it. You also don’t have to borrow the full amount.

How do I prequalify?

Prequalifying just takes a minute and won't affect your credit score. Look for the option in our app or at our partner stores. These two experiences are a bit different, so we’ll break it all down for you.

Prequalify in the app

The app gives you an idea of how much you can borrow through a virtual card. Later, if you request a loan and are approved, you’ll get a virtual card to use at almost any online or in-store checkout.

Prequalify at partner stores

Our partner stores may give you the opportunity to prequalify while you’re on their site or in their store. This shows you how much you can borrow to use only at their store.

The app vs. partner stores

Keep in mind, you might prequalify in the app, but not at a partner store. Or, you may prequalify at a partner store, but not in the app.

That’s because these experiences work differently. Use the app to see if you prequalify almost anywhere. Visit a partner store to see if you prequalify with just that store.

Which should I choose?

Up to you! There’s no harm to your credit score if you try to prequalify both in the app and at a partner store.

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