Is the Door Mount System 3.0 right for me?

New and improved, the Door Mount System 3.0 secures the device(s) to your door and allows for fixed adjustable treatment. Ideal for limited spaces, this setup takes up virtually no room and can be expanded up to the Quad 3.0 Kit.

The Door Mount System 3.0 comes in standard sizing and can be expanded with the Oversize Door Kit. This kit is available from our Shop Page

Prior to purchase, we recommend measuring your desired door to ensure the following measurements are met:

  • Door Sizes: The standard kit fits door heights from 77’’ up to 84’’
  • Standard Door Hook Size: 1 ⅜+ 

If your door is larger than the standard measurements listed above, you will want to see if the the Oversize Door Kit is the right fit for you:

  • Door Sizes: The Oversized Door Kit fits doors up to 96’’. 
  • Oversized Door Hook:  1 ¾+ 

Here's some additional information you might find helpful:

When device is mounted to the system, the dimension from face of door to outside face of device is ~ 6¼ ’’

The Solo 3.0 can be lowered all the way to the floor when installed.

The Mini 3.0 can be lowered to ~8 ½’’ from floor at lowest position.

Oversized Door Hook Requirements (per kit)

  • Mini - 1 Oversized Door Kit
  • Solo - 1 Oversized Door Kit
  • Half-Max - 1 Oversized Door Kit
  • Duo - 1 Oversized Door Kit (standard configuration)
  • Max - 2 Oversized Door Kit
  • Quad - 2 Oversized Door Kit
  • Elite - Not Compatible