Can I upgrade my modular device?

We love helping our customers upgrade to a larger Joovv system. As you can probably tell, we're convinced that full-body light therapy is the way to go. With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding the upgrade process:

  • We offer a 60-day return/exchange period for all of our modular devices (link below).
  • Our special bundle pricing is available up to 1 year from your initial purchase of a modular device or up to the Elite configuration. *Please note, this offer is valid while the compatible modular configuration remains available. 
  • This exclusive pricing is specific to Mini and/or Solo devices that are part of these larger full-body systems: Duo, Max, Quad, or Elite.  
  • Depending on the mounting method you select, there may be some additional charges for miscellaneous hardware.
  • Devices purchased secondhand or from an unauthorized third-party dealer are not eligible for the Joovv upgrade program.  
  • Lastly, just wanted to make sure you were aware that Mini devices are only compatible with the Max configuration.  Unfortunately, these devices are not returnable after the 60-day trial period and can't be used as credit towards an alternative configuration.  Good news is that because of its size and portability, you can use the Mini in a lot of different ways.
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