What is the latest firmware version and how do I know if my device is up to date?

The latest firmware version is (v3).  If you purchased your Joovv before December 1, 2018 you are most likely running on one of our older versions.  If you would like to update your device to (v3) please follow the instructions listed below.

To update a device:1. Download the Joovv App from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.2. Turn the device mode switch to Lead mode.3. Open the Joovv App and select (Settings) then select (Pair Device(s)), and then select (Start Scanning).4. After the device is paired with your phone, it will give you the option to update.  Select (Update) and then enter your Wifi Network Name/SSID and Network Password, then select (Save Settings), and then select (Update Joovv).5. The Joovv App will then walk you through step by step to complete the OTA process.6. Repeat this process on each device if you have multiple devices. Please note, each device needs to be updated individually.  For more information click here Firmware Instructions.

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