My Joovv Devices Won't Pair Together

Updated 1 week ago by Joovv Support

  • Power off all devices. Power on all devices.
  • Make sure the pairing switches on all devices have been set to the correct position.
  • Follow devices will show “No” on the display until successfully paired with a lead device. Once paired, the display will show “Yes” for one minute and then will change to “:”.

I’m not sure how to use the timer in the control panel.

  • The” Time” button adjusts the treatment time in increments of 1 minute, with a maximum treatment time of 20 minutes. The time will cycle back to 1 minute when the display exceeds 20 minutes.
  • When the desired treatment time is selected, it will be shown on the display.
  • Pressing “Play/Pause” will start treatment. If “Play/Pause” is pressed again during the treatment, the session will pause. When paused, the session time will be rounded up to the closest minute on the display.
  • If the timer has been adjusted and the treatment started, the device will recall the newly programmed treatment time for subsequent sessions.

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