Do I need to wear eyewear?

Updated 1 month ago by Graham

We are honored to have Dr. Micheal Hamblin on Joovv's advisory board, one of the most respected experts in the field of photomedicine. When asked if the red or infrared light is harmful to the eyes, Dr. Hamblin states: "No, it’s probably good for your eyes. Light therapy can help with cataracts…Infrared LEDs can preserve your retinal photoreceptors from damage."There has been a significant amount of research conducted using photobiomodulation (PBM) for eye health benefits. Essentially, the specific wavelengths we use are effective at boosting cellular function, including cells in the retina. Many studies have shown how PBM can repair damaged retinal function. For this reason, we recommend letting your eyes be exposed to the light. I typically start treatments with my eyes closed and then open them as they adjust to the light. Here are three published studies/meta-analyses explaining the benefits of PBM for eye health:

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