Will this help me sleep?

Updated 2 months ago by Joovv Support

You can receive the same benefits from sunlight if you get exposure 1hr after sunrise, or 1hr before sunset. This has been studied as the optimal time to benefit from Photobiomodulation (essentially getting the best bang for your time). Although it is safe in our opinion to use the Joovv Combo anytime through the day or evening. Early morning sunlight (AM) mostly contains equal amounts of red and blue light frequencies, along with IR-A frequencies. These frequencies are essential to our skin to prepare for the UV light frequencies that start around mid-morning (10 AM on). Another way of viewing it is the early morning sunlight is a natural source of sunscreen for our skin. It is our experience that Photobiomodulation helps charge the body in the morning and helps induce sleep in the evening. It really makes sense when you look at how it compares to natural sunlight.

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